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Hard Drive Cloning

Next Technology offers a wide range of data duplication services from SD Cards and USB Flash Drive copying to Hard Drive cloning.


We provide a wide range of labelling, packaging and assembly options. You can either supply the drives or we can supply you with A-grade stock. Turnaround times are fast and our pricing competitive.


Our test equipment and Quality Control procedures are of the highest industry level so you can be confident of no data shift occurring. The process we use for Hard Drive cloning is "bit for bit" ensuring there is no risk of data loss or change.

USB Flash Drives

USB Drive Duplication

  • Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4)
  • Windows NTFS FAT 16/32
  • Apple HFS
USB Hard Drives

DCP Clones - Duplication

  • DCP CRU Drive
  • DCP USB  Drive
  • DCP USB Flash Drive
  • Formated EXT2/3


Next Technology
USB Hard Drives